Moroccan energy farm to utilize GE wind turbines

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General Electric Company will provide wind turbines for a renewable energy project in North Africa.

Moroccan energy farm to utilize GE wind turbines

Moroccan energy farm to utilize GE wind turbines

Developed by Energie Eolienne du Maroc (EEM), a completely subsidiary of Nareva Holding, the 100MW wind farm will be situated close to Akhfennir, southern Morocco.

The 56 wind turbines will help meet the nation’s renewable energy goals, as offering EEM economic returns.

The agreement complements the government of Morocco’s Integrated Wind Energy Project, which aims to generate 2000MW of wind power by 2020.

Authorities have allocated $3 billion for the project. This contract underlines their commitment to Morocco’s wind energy expansion.

GE’s worldwide fleet of more than 23,000 wind turbines gives more than 37GW of installed wind energy capacity, and functions with over 98% availability.

The power generated by the plant is aim to sustain industrial firms under Morocco’s Power Purchase Agreement.

Akhfennir is one of the wind farms in the first phase of the Moroccan Integrated Wind Energy project to create over 720MW. Five new sites are being designed to use Morocco’s robust potential in wind power, approximated at 25,000MW.

Morocco is taking important steps in attaining the Integrated Wind Energy Strategy to amplify wind’s part of the national energy combine to more than 14% by 2020.

Morocco’s Renewable Energy Law helps energy production from renewable resources.

Mohamed Dekkak