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Hopscotch Decomposition Systems Africa (HSA), has introduced a platform of expertiseMoroccan Companies, Leads Digital Information in Africa and exchange of information to see, measure and adopt best practices in digital communication in Africa.
Thus, from cross methodologies HSA analyzed the popularity of digital brands 50 Francophone African companies through their ranking on the web and their presence on social networks.
The initial results were published in a report which accounts large companies from Morocco dominate the list. Royal Air Morocco (RAM) topped the Top 5 of the most visible companies with 3.5 million links indexed by Google, followed by Morocco Telecom (3.4 million).
As for the first 5 companies showing the most interest in Africa, it is always the RAM which tops the ranking with 550,000 queries on Google. M├ęditel (3rd) and Morocco Telecom (5th) also appear in the Top 5 with respectively 135,000 and 110,000 queries on Google.