Moroccan Caftan Standout at Paris Fashion Show

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Last November 23 at the grand place in Paris, the Moroccan caftan was flattered Moroccan Caftan Standout at Paris Fashion Showfor standing out on the Paris Fashion Show.
According to the fashion expert, Parisian public came in a huge numbers to find out the agility and aptitude of all Moroccan artists and fascinate by the newest haute fashion design collection of famous fashion designers as for showing their oriental costumes mostly of Moroccan Caftans.
Beneath the evocative of the “Sultans” the hub of the events was the designed by a Moroccan artist it become the center of attraction which stirred and gives more allure to audience as the Moroccan designer drawn his impressive newest creation the Moroccan Caftan, which evincive the long olden times of their traditions and culture of the Kingdom of Morocco and lastly the originality of the Moroccan manufacturer.
The connoisseur fashion designer who was based in Casablanca way back 15 years, who gained all his ability in oriental design has gives a remarkable to the modernization and diffusion of Moroccan Caftan.
Above all, a hymn to the eternal feminine, as he ended.