More than 17 billion dirhams of Morocco’s exports in 2014

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Business and dealings in Morocco with Africa are intensified. Imports including exports, are following for the fourth consecutive year an upward trend. Preliminary figures attested that in late 2014 divulge a Moroccan-African trade deficit of 2.97 billion dirhams.

More than 17 billion dirhams of Morocco's exports in 2014

More than 17 billion dirhams of Morocco’s exports in 2014

This excavation was decreased from 457 million dirhams compared to the balance reached at the end of 2013, which was around 3.43 billion dirhams. Thus, Moroccan exports to Africa totaled at the end of 2014, to 17.28 billion dirhams at the time the value of the imported goods that geographic area exceeds 20.25 billion dirhams.

Trade with AMU countries topped. According to the report Maghrib, Morocco imported from these countries in 2014 a total of 13.08 billion dirhams. However, exports still does not take off. They totaled at the end of 2014 worth 4.53 billion dirhams.

In return, Morocco has made ​​in Libya exports of 306 million dirhams. For the similar time, Morocco exported to other African countries 12.75 billion dirhams goods against imports of 9.05 billion dirhams. Over the year, Morocco has made ​​with these countries a surplus of 5.56 billion dirhams against a surplus of 4.94 billion dirhams observed at the end of 2013.

The gulf is widening between Morocco and other countries in Asia. The scale demonstrates, in this sense, a negative balance of 23.85 billion dirhams, resulting from a flow of imports totaling 42.80 billion dirhams and exports of 18.93 billion dirhams.

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