More Jobs To Come As UAE Firms Will Start Hiring

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Jobseekers are advised to prepare as for the next few months, majority companies in theMore Jobs To Come As UAE Firms Will Start Hiring United Arab Emirates will open employment opportunities.
Online job portal and research and consulting organization YouGov conducted a survey whereas found that almost 50% of the companies in Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) are planning to open positions in their company.
The survey revealed that fields in business management, commerce and engineering are most of the jobs that will be in demand.
32% of firms in UAE confirmed that they will be opening careers with 62% of these companies are looking forward to offer up to 10 available positions.
According to the survey, employers desire candidates who have communication proficiency both in Arabic and English, with outstanding management and leadership skills and are team players.
Other professional experiences desirable are knowledge in sales and marketing and computer literacy.
More than half of UAE jobseekers consider that the country is a much more appealing in terms of job market compare to other Middle East countries. Most fascinating sectors to work in UAE are the banking and finance, construction, oil and gas and petrochemicals.
Other surveys before supports this prospect of employment opportunities in UAE like Morgan McKinley study says that professional job opportunities in the country have increased by 6% from 2nd Quarter of 2012 and 2013.