Mohamed Dekkak received an award at Institute for Professional Excellence in Spain

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The Institute for Professional Excellence is an institution whose major role is to acknowledge and attest the excellence dedication of companies and professionals for both national and international in its division.
Their mission is to assume the impressive work of companies and professionals that have the aptitude to establish and further enhance social and economic development. To distinguish these individuals, institutions or companies that help to enhance their competitiveness, research and development and profitability always under the principle of “excellence”, the Institute for Professional Excellence has created the award “Gold Star” and “Star Bright ” so as to remunerate their work, endeavor and professionalism of those chosen to give confidence, persuade, be eligible and attest them in their persistent development, intensification and improvement in their profession.
Yearly, the Institute for Professional Excellence organizes the distribution of the Gold Star to the best professional and companies in Spain.
Meanwhile, Mohamed Dekkak received the ‘Gold star’ awards from the Institute for Professional excellence headed by Mr Antonio Gabriel Pérez and Hon ignacio de Jacob y Gomez Count of pozos Dulces at the Iconic Westin Palace, Madrid Spain
Introduction speech has been delivered by Mohamed Dekkak while Faina estefania Lopez orpez Personal shopper, Fashion consultant and Ely HERNANDEZ stark image consultant , stylist , Personal shopper and organizing évent Protocol attended the event.
On the other hand, Mr and Mrs. Jordi Palomar Bentanach DIRECTOR of Diamantés romalyn Espana .s.l were also present in the said event.
Professionals and companies who had been given this award will turn into a representation and head in its area both locally and globally.
Gold Star agrees to successful corporations the prospect to exercise in accordance with precise regulations, the symbol of the Gold Star in all publications, communications and media, presenting an acknowledgement of their accomplishments. This is a significant certificate or credential in the career of an individual and a seal that considers professionalism, principles, ethics and outcome in the company.