Modernization designed for Al Gharbia transport system

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport has revealed a plan to redesign the transport system in and around the swiftly developing Al Gharbia.

Modernization designed for Al Gharbia transport system

Modernization designed for Al Gharbia transport system

The Surface Transport Master Plan will increase the road networks and public transport, and develop more Etihad Rail projects. Proper transport will be developed and will be included in the general strategy for all transport systems in accordance to the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision.

The project involves the construction of new roads and intersections in several areas in the capital such as Ruwais, Madinat Zayed, Baynunah, Ghayathi and Sila at the same time, more public transport like taxis and buses will be deployed.

The Al Gharbia neighborhood is in position for investment, measuring 60,000 square kilometers and a place to a several industries and residential communities. Eighty three per cent of Abu Dhabi’s population and 40 per cent of its gross domestic product account to Al Gharbia.

Al Gharbia is a fundamental network for freight from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the GCC. Planners expect the development to road networks, bridges, tunnels and signs will bring sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly transport system.

Recently, the Jalboot passenger ferry was launched from stations at the Corniche, Al Bandar and the Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island. The project is the newest step of transport development in the emirate.

Medium and long-term projects are due for completion from the period of 2017 to 2030.

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