Mirfa project to improve design by Abu Dhabi UPC

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Al Wajeha Al Bahria, a mixed-use development in the coastal city of Mirfa has been approved by Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council (UPC).

Mirfa project to improve design by Abu Dhabi UPC

Mirfa project to improve design by Abu Dhabi UPC

The plan and expansion of the Mirfa Beach villas, as well as the complete design for other community facilities and amenities, is underway. Construction is scheduled to commence in the first half of 2017.

The UPC is working with Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) and the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority to witness its project through to finishing point. It is the first retail and housing project in Mirfa Beach district of Al Gharbia. Mirfa is one of the seven major communities that include in Plan Al Gharbia 2030.

Al Wajeha Al Bahria will help meet the increasing housing and community requirements of the Al Gharbia district, and regarded as a future attraction that will fascinate people to the vicinity and lead for the proper expansion of the Mirfa coast.

The UPC worked intimately with the developer to recognize how significant could be combined to the planning compliance. The project will include a beachfront esplanade for cyclists and walkers that will link Al Wajeha Al Bahria with other designed projects on the Mirfa coast.

Al Wajeha Al Bahria is a good example of how the UPC productively works together with developers to make sure the requirements of the community are met.

The UPC’s urban development and Estidama sector continuously work to add value to urban expansion by bridging intimately with the developer to improve their plans. On Al Wajeha Al Bahria, a more robust connection between the residential part of the expansion and the natural beachfront and landscaped zones has been made through shaded esplanades. Granted that its position is flanking to the future Mirfa Beach, these occupants will have an easy way in to one of Al Gharbia’s natural properties.

Moreover, the UPC also worked with the Western Region Municipality to execute a motorway network in and around the Mirfa coastline district to cater Al Wajeha Al Bahria, which has headed for future development.

To guarantee that all projects are corresponding to Vision 2030, the Urban Development and Estidama Sector evaluates every project similar to the individual structure plan for the region it is situated in, including the UPC’s strategies to make appealing included and sustainable urban expansions.

Lately, UPC had revealed specifications of the Mirfa Beach as well as within the complete Mirfa masterplan – which will highlight around 400 villas for Emiratis on a location bordering to Al Wajeha Al Bahria.

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