Mining updates its legislative framework in Morocco

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The draft Bill No. 33-13 on mines has introduced new mining titles, namely the exploration authorization offering investors the possibility to develop exploration programs over large areas.

Mining updates its legislative framework in Morocco

Mining updates its legislative framework in Morocco

The Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment dusts its legislation. In fact, the modernization and reform of the regulatory and legislative charter guiding the mining segment seems to be one of the primacy project s of the Dept. of Mines and Energy. Along these lines, it has released to members of the government, through the website of the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG), a bill on mines.

Thus, the entry into force of this project, repealing the current mining regulations dated 16 April 1951, will be likely to give a new drive to the excavating industry given the advantages it offers to both domestic investors that foreigners.

As such, the project is the revitalization of the mining exploration and study to classify other deposits while safeguarding sustainable growth of the general mining business.

Therefore, according to the introductory note to the bill, the primary measures presented by it consist in extending the scope of the mining legislation to all mineral elements for industrial use, excluding civil and construction engineering resources that remain managed through the content on the course. In the same vein, the draft also introduced new mining labels, specifically the exploration approval offering stockholders the opportunity to advance search programs over large areas.

Furthermore, and on another front, the draft text announced the operational license dumps and land provided for enhancement and / or retrieval of masses containing releases and waste products from mines. Further still, the Department did not fail to include provisions concerning artificial or natural cavities for an underground depot of liquid hydrocarbons, natural gas, chemicals or vaporous or liquefied for mechanical use.

Note that the environmental component is not far behind. Indeed, the draft has provisions concerning the impact assessment on the abandonment and the environment to provide to undertake mining level.

Mohamed Dekkak