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A list of priority actions have been created as Kingdom of Morocco’s goal to “build a Moroccan economic model.” This is the “mandate”Measures Created to Boost Morocco’s Industrial and SMEs prescribed by CGEM following a study commissioned to boost the industry.
These measures require rapid implementation to “rehabilitate industrial investment focused on the development of SMEs,” President of the CGEM during a Confederation in Casablanca. An ongoing study about “levers of competitiveness of Moroccan firms” was also discussed.
This study focuses on 3 areas: the inventory of ecosystems competitiveness, international benchmark countries with similar development and concrete recommendations.
On a set of 100 measures identified to improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, 29 were therefore identified as a priority. The CEO and Chairman of the Committee together with the president of CGEM explained to press those measures has been developed according to two criteria: its impact on competitiveness and ease of implementation.
The study therefore recommends as an urgent measure to the industry at the heart of development strategy. “The Emergence Plan must be completed by integrating new channels,” said the representative of the firm referring to particular areas of metallurgical and mechanical industries.
The integration of these two activities in the Emergence plan has already been tackled in 2013. But the implementation needs to be accelerated so the study recommends the Employers’ Confederation. It also calls for using tax instruments to make attractive investment in the industry and strengthen investment in energy efficiency solutions to reduce the energy costs for businesses. CGEM has not also failed to call on the government to involve more proactive public policies.
The said study also highlighted the continued effort of the social dialogue with the social partners company to promote a better employer / employee partnership. The issue of bank financing especially for SMEs is another urgent action that needs immediate solutions according to the study of the Confederation.
The document also identifies as urgent measures to strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of the label “Made in Morocco” through better distribution and better marketing in Morocco and abroad.

Mohamed Dekkak