Masdar’s Desalination Plant, awarded to four Consortiums

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Four companies specializing in energy, telecommunications, transportation, production of drinking water, sewage Masdar project in Abu Dhabi appointed to four companiestreatment, and other environmental services, have been awarded by Masdar to build a desalination plant as its lead project in Abu Dhabi.

The project was assigned to Sidem/Veolia , Abengoa, Trevi Systems and Degrémont on May 5 during the Abu Dhabi Ascent, a two-day convention arranged to support the initiative of taking bold actions to address climate change.
Inaugurated in January 2013, the project’s purpose is to improve and make sure the efficiency of the energy for water desalination.

Each company will build and operate its own test plant to develop and display desalination technologies for over 18 months. It is explained that it is not the renewable energy but the traditional and economical electricity will be used as the project’s resource of energy supply.

When it comes to the cost, the project has a target of around 60% of what the government is spending which is $2.8 per cubic meter. The project will be deemed successful if they meet or surpass that target.
The four companies will arrange, ship and install the modules by the end of the year to be able to produce by January 2015. The program will continue up until June 2016. All of the four test plants shall reveal advancement and originality in forward osmosis and reverse osmosis, and which are more energy efficient compared to what the desalination plants in UAE is currently using.

The contractor for the infrastructure works of the test facility situated in Ghantoot, northwest of Abu Dhabi will be awarded next.

Mohamed Dekkak