Maroc Expo to Kick Off in Netherlands

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Maroc Expo, the first exhibition event of its kind showcasing the Moroccan kingdom heldMaroc Expo to Kick Off in Netherlands abroad will take place on December 28-29 at Nieuwegein/Utrecht, Netherlands.

One of the managers of the pioneering occasion said that it is challenging to exhibit one’s country globally as the best tool to promote your beloved nation is to experience it, feel it, taste it and smell it, like as if you’re in Morocco.

The first Maroc Expo will have a slogan of “Experience Morocco. While it’s cold and snowy outside, we create an atmosphere in the exhibition halls, just like being in Djemaa El Fna, the main square in Marrakech, on a sultry hot afternoon.”

The celebration of Maroc Expo will result to the Dutch and Belgians to be the predominant visitors, many of whom are going “to experience an authentic taste of Morocco’s rich culture.”

Maroc Expo will be not be just an occasion for visitors to learn more about Moroccan culture but as well as a platform to discover the investment opportunities and economic potential that Morocco has to offer. It will highlight all the facets which Morocco is famous for, from fashion and lifestyle to tourism.

Maroc Expo will be an occasion to learn more about the Moroccan culture, including partying with top artists from Morocco, buying your (second) home, exploring the business potential at the business platform, letting guest’s taste buds feast on Moroccan cuisine, or discovering treasure sale at the bazaar.