Mall of Emirates 3.6 ha development divulged

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Majid Al Futtaim divulged the release of its Evolution 2015 re-enhancement within opulence flagship Mall of the Emirates.

Mall of Emirates 3.6 ha development divulged

Mall of Emirates 3.6 ha development divulged

Adding up 3.2 ha of dining, retail and entertainment experiences, Majid Al Futtaim has made an completely new floor atop the mall, by means of an investment of over AED1 billion.

Evolution 2015 was expanded to facilitate Mall of the Emirates to continue entirely outfitted all the way through redevelopment.

With a 3000-strong team working incessantly for 18 months, Mall of the Emirates dealt as typical throughout the redevelopment, logging 15 million man hours to structure two new domes, three major glass barrel roof lights, nine new bridges, and three escalators to impeccably link the extension to the present mall.

The recent area , the size of which is the corresponding of around nine acres or eight professional football fields — offers space for a total of 40 retail shops as well as over 20 fashion retailers, some of which are entering the region for the first time, and 12 dining stores all on the new third floor of the mall.

The release of Mall of the Emirates’ Evolution 2015 is the newest highlight in Majid Al Futtaim’s culture and bequest of modernization in response to shifting customer necessities.

Meanwhile, the new VOX Cinemas is the entertainment attraction of Evolution 2015 which is a 100,000 sqft entertainment destination with a fully refurbished 24-screen VOX Cinemas.

The conclusion of Evolution 2015 is the most recent achievement in Mall of the Emirate’s 10-year anniversary, which observes a decade of modernization in entertainment, retail and hospitality as the Middle East’s first shopping choice destination.

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