Maliha project highlights Sharjah’s flora and fauna

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The phase one of Maliha tourism project in Sharjah landscape will offer an Archaeological Center and features facilities for a variety of sporting facilities and activities, including dune buggies,  paragliding and quad biking to entertain visitors.

Maliha project highlights Sharjah’s flora and fauna

Maliha project highlights Sharjah’s flora and fauna

An archetype eco-tourism and archaeological destination in the UAE, the Archaeological center promoting exploration of olden sites and safari-type tours will be offered to visitors.

Located 50 kilometers east of Sharjah city, early findings of civilization have been discovered in Maliha, well-known for its rich archaeological sites. Because of its natural beauty, variety of exceptional wildlife and its archaeological findings, Maliha was nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The opening of the center will unveil Maliha’s landmarks. Unearthed remnants will be displayed supported with historical studies. The tours itinerary includes the pre-Islamic Maliha Palace, Valley of the Caves, Umm An Nar Tomb, Fort of Maliha, an ancient horse and camel burial ground, and so on.

The project developer Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) together with the several Sharjah government agencies have made effort to realize the project. According to the CEO of Shurooq, the planned second phase entails the construction of Maliha National Desert Park which spreads at 450 square kilometers. The park will serve as a wildlife sanctuary to animals.

Shurooq reserved three regions within the project where resorts and hotels will be built. Phase two welcomes Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences help for the construction of an astronomy observatory.

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