Major Port in Nador Funded by EBRD

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The Nador West Med Port project received €200 million from The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to facilitate and finance the construction for its basic infrastructure of the new port located in the city of Nador at the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

Major Port in Nador Funded by EBRD

Major Port in Nador Funded by EBRD

The port project is a main concern in the kingdom and signifies a key component of a bigger development project which includes a port-industrial platform, Free Zone and logistics facility.

The port comprises terminals specifically for container transshipment, hydrocarbon storeroom and transshipment, and bulk. It will also accommodate other shipments. The development and operation of the terminals or the port itself will provide economic growth eastern Morocco and creation new jobs.

The fund that EBRD contributed will be allocated for the construction of a breakwater, quays, dredging and associated infrastructure works in the port. In the construction stage of the port, a series of environmental protection procedures will be integrated, including the lessening of the port’s carbon output by using lower-carbon cement.

Moreover, a €1 million of technical cooperation support will provide management assistance, a lender’s monitoring consultant and to smoothly implement the environmental and social action plan.

Aside from EBRD, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development will co-finance the project. An exclusive agreement between the EBRD and AfDB will rule the provisions for cooperation on procurement for the project.

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