Major Expansion in Abu Dhabi International Airport Reveals

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Major expansion projects in Abu Dhabi International Airport amounting to Dh 1.65 billion were confirmed last week by the government as partMajor Expansion in Abu Dhabi International Airport Reveals of its upgrade program.

The capital city’s airfield garnered 4.5 million passengers on the 1st quarter only of 2014, a 15% increase difference from last year. Aviation experts estimated that by 2017, the Midfield terminal will shoot up to 30% rise.
The projects unveiled consist of three construction plans such as 9 additional aircraft stands, an automated passenger mobility system and a tunnel under the southern runway.

Abu Dhabi International Airport authority said that the first project, the construction of nine new aircraft stands has already started and is expected for a full operation by the last part of this year. The said infrastructure will serve as parking slots for planes especially for wide body aircraft such as the Airbus A380.

The second one, the automated passenger mobility system is a set of trams that will connect passengers from the Midfield Terminal Building. By July 2017, it will be functional and will be connected to other future terminals.
The last development is a southern runway tunnel that will connect the Midfield terminal to existing terminals. The new tunnel will stretch more than 720 meters in length and 38 to 46 meters in width.

Abu Dhabi International Airport said that the construction works of the tunnel will begin immediately as the southern runway has been closed since January so that it can be widened to accommodate wide body aircraft.

Mohamed Dekkak