Luxury Flotilla to Serve Abu Dhabi Airport Passengers

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Taxi silver cabs replace to a luxury flotilla cars to reach the Abu Dhabi airport. Luxury Flotilla to Serve Abu Dhabi Airport PassengersPassengers will disburse up to DH21 extra after the overture of the new luxury flotilla of taxi vans. The black Mercedes vans will amplify from DH3.50 to DH 25, but rate per kilometer would be the same. The availability of the taxi is 24 hours at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. While on the Terminal 2 as used by the budget airlines there would also have a 15 Toyota Camry cabs cost DH20. The flotilla planned to inflate into 200 cars for the next three months, to be addendum by silver taxis if necessary. The new luxury flotilla Mercedes-Benz Vito vans can accommodate almost seven passengers and could outfitted with an online tracking system, a updated GPS and speed limiter facilities. It is also on green diesel fuel and was unofficially instigate last November 20. Every Sundays, the taxi regulatory TransAD announced the rollout of the vans to be operated by Emirates Transport. As explained by the high officials, the project took three consecutive years to make it absolutely complete. If some people could think of its agenda, it’s still the low cost. A new totally service offered in the UAE for the reason that they offered Mercedes Vito cars at the airport. As they see the rates it is very low. And it would be matter for all the people who were working at the airport but for the passengers, it is rationale priced and cheaper compared to the taxis at Heathrow Airport. There is special treatment for those elderly and handicapped because they could get discount cards from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Those people who are handling the card will receive reductions of 25 to 50 percent on fares. As suggested by the official of transport, he hoped that sooner taxis will now accepts payment through credits cards. The full fleet cars will be available during the peak hours and especially those peak seasons while airports driver will now worked 12 hours shift. About 10% of the taxi drivers are multilingual and knowledgeable women, authorized person ended.