LNG terminal integrated in Tangier Med project

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Tangiers Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA) plans the construction of an import terminal, storage and distribution of liquefied natural gas in Tangier Med II.

LNG terminal integrated in Tangier Med project

LNG terminal integrated in Tangier Med project

The Tangier Med port intends to be considered as a hub for LNG supply and vessel bunkering. The project, which will be installed at Tangier Med II (TM2), is intended for import and LNG storage for refueling vessels frequenting the entire Tangier Med port complex. It also intends to supply other LNG markets, mainly the industrial sector of the northwest region of Morocco.

A subsidiary of TMSA will be launching a feasibility study to evaluate in particular the concern to set up an import LNG installation and distribution chain, considering the economic, technical, environmental and regulatory aspects. A tender has been launched for this purpose.

The study is expected to last for four months. This stage entails the identification of the different possible sources of LNG for the terminal, in addition to the existing and potential owners and stakeholders in the business of bunkering. It will also tackle the opportunity to use the platform to power other sectors with the LNG fuel.

Considered as a logistics and industrial hub of global dimension, Tangier Med is connected with thirty ports over 20 countries. It relies on the willingness to develop this project in order to create the conditions in the arrival of vessels with LNG fueled engines. One of the objectives of this project is to make the port more appealing to ship owners and to reinforce the position of the Tangier Med port complex in the field of “green ports”.

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