List of World’s Most Dynamic Cities released; Dubai Ranks 3rd

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The City Momentum Index, a study on how a city is able to get ahead and meet its socio-List of World’s Most Dynamic Cities released; Dubai Ranks 3rdeconomic goals and the momentum this can derive for its commercial realty, recently released its list of World’s Most Dynamic Cities.

Dubai joins San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Wuhan on the top 5 placing on the 3rd spot reflecting Dubai’s credentials as the place to do business.

The emirate also figures in the list of “elite cities” in the Index, based on the fact that they — San Francisco, London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and Tokyo apart from Dubai — accounted for a quarter of direct commercial real estate investments in the period 2012-13.

According to the study, to cap a fine performance, the city must be able to sustain the drive over the longer term.

Dubai topped in parameters set for bringing about quick-silver changes in “socio-economic” and “commercial real estate” momentum, but lagged in developing “high-value incubators” says CEO of the firm who conducted the study.

The winning bid of the city to host the Expo 2020 will result to a strong global connectivity and growing status as a service hub for Mena and southern/central Asia that will support sustainable momentum over the longer term horizon

Other cities who made it on the Top 10 are New York, Austin, Hong Kong, San Jose and Singapore.