Legendary Festival Of Ibn Battuta in Morocco in November 2017

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Legendary Festival Of Ibn Battuta in Morocco in November 2017

Legendary Festival Of Ibn Battuta in
Morocco in November 2017

Ibn Battuta is known for his traveling as he performed different journeys during his lifetime.  During his journey, he visited different countries and learned about the traditions and culture of the different countries. The different countries in the world celebrate the festivals to promote his legacy so that different people learn about the art and traveling aspects that the great traveler adopted during his time.

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta 2nd edition is essential as it reflects the life of Ibn Battuta’s life and important events related to his life. The different activities in the festival that show the aspect the Battuta’s life are as follows:

Art exhibition

People when to want to travel they need a unique way to make their trip interesting and unique. The importance of the festival is to depict the colorful streets in the form of the art. In this way, people get the awareness about the roads and streets in that time as well as show the historical aspects of Ibn Battuta time. The main aim of the exhibition to take the people to the medieval times.

Ibn Battuta Carnival

The Ibn Battuta carnival reflects the culture of that time. People wear costumes like the people of that time used t wear as well as music, culture, food and related things all depict the past time. In this way, people enjoy and learn about the historical cultures and the traditions.

Travel movies

Travel movies are the part of these festivals. People act and prepare documents to show the audience the history of the world especially the life of the Ibn Battuta. The visitors get the awareness and learn about the routes and different traveling strategies adopted by the great traveler. These movies are wonderful and interesting enough to keep the attention of the people.

Travel Exhibition

Those who have an interest in traveling participate in this exhibition and learn about all the features of the Ibn Battuta traveling. People interact with each other, share their traveling experience and relate with the Ibn Battuta’s traveling. Those who are fond of traveling must not miss these types of the festivals as the festival define the culture of Morocco, its history and above all the life aspects of the great traveler. These activities take people to the pre-modern times.

These events in Festival are ways to give people awareness about the life of the great people. This is an interesting way to provide historical knowledge to the people. Many people do not like to study the history but these festivals are best mean to dictate about the history. These festivals not only provide understanding, awareness, learning, and interaction but also give people happiness and release the stress. People enjoy spending the quality time in such festivals. So people who really want to spend their free time must join these festivals and improve their historical knowledge as well as have fun with family.


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