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Summit on the Global Agenda 2009

The 7th peak of an international program have launched today in Dubai, convincing over 1,000 international standard specialist from academic world, government, business, civil
society and members of the media.
Spearheaded by the UAE Government, co-chairs of the meeting are Sultan Saeed Nasser Al Mansoori, Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, and Sami Dhaen Al Qamzi, Director-General, Department of Economic Development, and Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
This year’s conference marks the 5th time being hosted by Dubai, and as the 7th succeeding year being held in the UAE posing an unparalleled challenge for the international and local industry to world best.
Leaders who attended the meeting belongs to one of 80 international Agenda Committee, every of which is mandate to originate conclusion and opportunities for a specific worldwide, area or industry challenge. These 80 committees were balanced by 6 Meta committees including experts across the Network of Worldwide Agenda committee to address wider issues.
The international program Councils, with above 1,000 members has become the biggest international expert network in the world. It is completely essential, in the situation of an interrelated multifaceted world, to have a lay where the top minds appear together in an interdisciplinary way to share their skill, to look for result and propose action.
‘”I have seen over and over how planning here in Dubai have impacted the thinking of worldwide leaders. It is our aim, together with the government of the UAE, to make the meeting of the global program Councils a suggestion for joint efforts of specialist from business, government and civil culture to gather today’s and tomorrow’s challenges face the world” said World Economic Forum and Administrative Chairman.
Experts said that Dubai’s role in generating transformational thoughts is a vital contribution in shaping a brighter and more comprehensive tomorrow.
“As we host this meeting in Dubai once again, we see this as a chance to showcase our expansion model before the world. We feel this is the ideal stage to motivate other rising economies to make honest efforts towards generate success and pleasure in their societies”, Dubai government stated.

Mohamed Dekkak