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Landscaping Services

ADGECO Group has the combined expertise from Canadian firm in urban design, environmental planning, sustainable infrastructure, information graphics and landscape and environmental architecture to an extensive range of projects like large park, hotels, industrial plants, housing, public health, sitting groups, tea house, cafeterias, sports complexes, changing room, station buildings, construction and other contracting and infrastructure areas.
We specializes in Irrigation, Soft Landscaping, Hard Landscaping, Water Features, Garden Maintenance, Wooden Pergolas, Gazebos, Decking, hard floor applications, pools and water games, irrigation systems, lighting systems, herbal design, lawn establishments and a lot more.
ADGECO Group works not only to provide excellent landscaping but also offer superior services for our clients and customers as well as maintain a continued sense of pride for our employees.
Part of our design philosophy is the thorough understanding of the cultural, physical and economic development that contributes the success of each project.
Our large and experienced technical staffs in each field realize a project, understand contracting and are knowledgeable in conservation services with advanced architectural standards.
As we aim for excellence, we begin working on projects by conducting various studies like touching foreign market researches to meet the requirement and expectation of clients. We prepared projects using the latest and advanced technology to reveal works in high artistic value on a standard cost.

Hard Flooring
Our experts sensitively lay materials to preserve natural features thus generating an artistic and functional solution. Available applications are natural stone elements like granite, basalt, and travertine, andesite, also with concrete stone, timber, clinker brick elements and other colored asphalt applications.
Pools and Water Games
We maintain building suitable architectural lines and offers superb designs for such structures. Through application ability, the flow of water through natural stone covered or artificial spouts and pumps, a successful complete pools accessorized by architectural water games and fascinating plan is created.
Irrigation System
In landscape architecture, irrigation service is very significant thus our works depends on the structure of the area. This includes amount and application of the existing green space, water point, intensity and amount, elevation and meteorological status. Our company can provide automatic, manual and drip irrigation system.
Lighting System
The space composition of an area depends on how we apply our lighting system. This factor is to be considered in order for us to use the lighting fixtures to give emphasis on the patterns and depth of the location. We provide the following lighting methods: top-to-bottom (vice versa), pattern, washing, cross, emphasis, spot, silhouette, shading, moonlight, stair, environmental and mirror effect lighting.
Planting and Environment
We make sure that plants to be planted and all kinds of materials to be used should be chosen correctly. Deepl planting should be done without damaging the roots, avoid any delay on the field, inhibit use of dry rooted plants and observe soil traces. By taking account of the balance of all factors, modification of lawn area will be fully established.

ADGECO Group consistently strives in achieving excellence through a mutual approach, meticulous integrated designs and various disciplines together with our clients’ inputs.
Our goal is to continue accommodating larger projects than we have accomplished to date not only in the construction sector but in a wide array of related industry.

Architectural Design

  • Building groups (Sitting groups, teahouse, cafeterias, sports complexes, station buildings, etc) to create places urban or rural environment
  • Internal and External restorations and constructions
  • Drafting technical drawings, Photographic simulations, Perspective sketches
  • Onsite examination, study of the actual situation, detailed report of the customer’s request
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Golf course Architecture
  • Action Sport (Football) & Skate park Facilities
  • Public Realm
  • Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Residential Developments
  • Public/Private Sector: Schools, Hospitals Care Facilities, Sacred Spaces

Soft Landscaping – plant and flower design
Hard Landscaping – aesthetic and functional solutions for walkways, stairs and wall coverings
Environment/ Environmental Graphic design

  • Environmental Planning
  • Green Roofs
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Greenways
  • Visual Identity & Facade Studies
  • Way finding Systems & information graphics
  • Historic Districts
  • University Campus

Urban Design/Planning

  • Downtown Master Plans
  • Streetscape Plans
  • Municipal Strategic Plans
  • Community Visioning
  • Sustainable Infrastructure

* Facility Planning
* Resort Design
* Residential Developments
* Waterfront Design and Planning
* Campus Plans
* Transportation Planning
* CPTED (Crime Prevention Through
Environmental Design) Risk Management/Asset
Protection Assessment

  • Site Assessment/Vulnerability Assessment, SAVA including Natural and Human-induced Potentials
  • Analysis Reports
  • Landscape Plans and Site Plan Review
  • Landscape Design and Design Guidance and Strategic options
  • Options and Strategies for Securing Stakeholders Assets & Infrastructure

Water features – fountains and other water designs, pools and water games
Stadiums (Construction and Maintenance)
Irrigation System – automatic, manual and drip irrigation system
Lighting System
Establishment and Maintenance of grass areas
Care and Protection Services – irrigation, pruning, fertilizing, spraying and applying herbicide
Selection and distribution of cut flowers
Cultivate ornamental and decorative plants(greenhouse)
Indoor furnishing (indoor plants and flowers design)