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Held last November 19-21 at the capital city of Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat, MoroccoKingdom of Morocco, Land of Foreign Investments –Summit 2013 Summit 2013 accentuated the country’s status as land of unlimited opportunities for foreign investors.
Morocco’s Minister of Tourism said that the Kingdom is an essential destination for investment at it maintains a stable macroeconomic environment.
He added that the country is constantly receiving foreign investors which boosted the confidence as the number escalates because of its economical, political and social stability.
The Minister took advantage of the event for presenting Morocco’s accomplishments on business developments, education, investments and tourism sector. He emphasizes that the Kingdom is now one of the favorite investment destination in Africa.
Supporting the good news, the Executive Director of the Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center confirms that Morocco is major destination for investment in Africa. “Morocco is witnessing a historical moment in relation to economic development, as it has become the top investment destination in Africa, benefiting from the wise leadership of King Mohammed VI, who launched a set of Major Projects in a strategy that aims at developing the country”, he explained.
The Moroccan Summit 2013 is regarded as an unprecedented opportunity to understand the dynamics, and requirements of investing or doing business in Morocco.
The Summit provided participants an outlook on how to break through the legal constraints to facilitate investments in Morocco and to increase understanding of the regulatory framework in the country and its investment infrastructure, both from a legal and an academic perspective.
Participants, investors and government officials alike, from four continents, representing approximately twenty countries attended the apex.