Kingdom of Morocco Inaugurates Two Medico-Social Care Projects

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His Majesty King King Mohammed VI led the inauguration of the 2 new medical-social care projects in Fnideq and Tetouan worth more thanKingdom of Morocco Inaugurates Two Medico-Social Care Projects 40 million dirhams.

The ceremonial includes opening of a health complex Fnideq and a Regional Centre of Physical Medicine and Physiotherapy in Tetouan.

The two projects reflects the commitment of His Majesty the King to include the promotion of health care among the major projects in the country and his belief that the right of access to health services, dedicated by the law of the land, is a major condition for the consolidation of citizenship.

Thus, the social-medical complex Fnideq (18 MDH) aims to strengthen the local medical supply in improving the quality and diversity the offerings.

Fnideq health complex includes an urban medical center, a center for diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and respiratory infections, a reference center for reproductive health and detection of breast and cervical cancer, a hemodialysis center, a dental clinic, a training room and an associative space accumulating an area of 1,250 m².

The new center is in line with efforts to upgrade infrastructure Prefecture M’diq-Fnifeq and development of partnerships with civil society in the health.

On the other hand, the Regional Centre for Physical Medicine and Physiotherapy, made within the confines of the provincial hospital in Tetouan for a total cost of 12 million dirhams. The project intends to provide support for disabilities related to impairment of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

Kingdom of Morocco has a global vision of human development and this vision materialized upon the commencement of the said projects.