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For most of French companies, Morocco is a good entry on the African continent door, a Kingdom of Morocco, Gateway to the African Continent – Pres. Chaqrounstatement made by the President of the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM).
“Morocco has a fundamental advantage: we are African and we have cultural roots that France cannot have our country is therefore a good gateway to the continent,” according to the high official on an interview with an international weekly publication and RFI radio on the sidelines of his participation this week in Paris forum “for a new model of economic partnership between Africa and France.”
She further stated that the CGEM and the government defined a common platform on priority projects and focuses on five themes namely SMEs, business climate, competitiveness, employment and trade outside.
Referring to the presence of French companies in Morocco, she felt that France is much oriented Eastern Europe and less to the south of the Mediterranean. “In Morocco, large French groups are present but not SMEs,” she said.
In terms of improving the business climate, the president of the CGEM welcomed the establishment by the Department of Justice to “a body that protects citizens from corruption, thanks to the anonymity of denunciations and expeditious manner.”
She also stressed the need to “regulate the right to strike, develop standards to make us more competitive, tax reform and streamline administrative procedures.”