Kingdom of Morocco as Aviation Outsourcing Destination

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Over the decade, the aviation industry of the Kingdom of Morocco has developed Kingdom of Morocco as Aviation Outsourcing Destinationremarkably. Supported by the areas of global references global references that follow, Morocco is now positioned in privileged aviation outsourcing destination.
This growth is the outcome of the operation of a sheet of targeted road and a host infrastructure quality that has enabled the building of true centers of excellence covering both manufacturing and services as maintenance and engineering or the National Pact for Industrial Emergence (EINP).
About 15,000 jobs have been created and an addition of AED 4 billion has been added to the country’s GDP.
Morocco has the means to position itself as a successful and competitive aviation platform. It has strengthened the aerospace industrial base by increasing the number of players, which the diversification and expansion of the business positioning along the value chain. The aerospace industry has recorded an average annual growth of 17%. In 2012, its turnover for export reached 6.4 billion AED, made by hundreds of companies employing more than 9500 employees. This sector is also distinguished in the region through the implementation of world-renowned groups such as EADS, Airbus, Safran, Creuzet / Indraero, The Piston, Daher, Souriau, Ratier Figeac.
The latest illustration of the emergence of the sector is the implementation of the Bombardier group that today is a new locomotive of the development of aeronautics Moroccan, because of the expected development in terms of export and local industrial economic benefits. These accomplishments are strong commitment to raise the aerospace industry to higher levels of competitiveness signal. Moreover, they are consolidating gains in the provision of industrial infrastructure, giving visibility to both domestic and foreign investors.
Like Morocco, It will undoubtedly rise to new players who will in search of lower production costs and guide to competitive destinations. In short, a new phase begins for the sector in the coming years with the arrival of new businesses, the integration of innovative value-added technologies.