King Mohammed VI Inaugurates Moroccan Press House

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Tangiers: King Mohammed VI dedicated a press house, a socio-cultural compound for the integration of Moroccan media professionals inKing Mohammed VI Inaugurates Moroccan Press House their Arab and Mediterranean space.

The compound is a site for journalists to meet, first of the kind in the Arab world and in Africa. It offers various services of training, leisure and competence reinforcement.

It is expected to give to join together the Moroccan media in the Arab-Mediterranean space by endorsing communication along with professionals in the region and the values of democracy, the rule of law and freedom.

The Press house consists of a Mediterranean center for research and media studies that will challenge to strengthen ties between press societies of the Mediterranean and enhance dialog and mutual knowledge among nations of the region.

The establishment of the center exemplifies the location of this crucible of civilizations and ultimate site of inter-cultures dialogue, cosmopolitan city and the third media pole at the national level after Rabat and Casablanca.

Numerous public and radio stations, satellite TV and various papers are also situated in Tangiers.

The compound was built amounting to MAD 14.3 million in affiliation between the Agency for the development of Northern provinces, communication ministry, the urban commune of Tangier, the prefectural council of Tangiers-Assilah and the Council of the Tangiers-Tetouan region.

Mohamed Dekkak