King Mohammed VI Dedicates New Casa-Port Railway Station

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI dedicated in Casablanca the new Casa-Port railway station, a jewel of the national modern railway network.

King Mohammed VI Dedicates New Casa-Port Railway Station

King Mohammed VI Dedicates New Casa-Port Railway Station

The new railway station, the first of the kind nationally in terms of plan, design and gear, is part of large-scale expansion projects commenced by the Sovereign across the country. It also reflects HM the King’s enduring desire to support urban upgrading, reformation course and inter-city mobility.

Situated at the center of a mutating city, the new station, worth 400 million dirhams, absolutely fits into the scheme to redesign the Casablanca agglomeration and the urban space around the railway station, at the crossroads of the metropolis’s major streets, the city’s harbor and the Hassan II Grand mosque.

After the new railway compounds constructed in Tangier, Fes and Marrakech, planned as smart and multi-services living spaces, the Casa-Port railway station has crossed a new level with an exceptional capacity in this impression that makes of railways stations a society space for patrons and the huge community.

The new facility, succeeded by the Moroccan national railway office (ONCF) after the Sovereign commenced construction in May 2008, is included to proffer incorporated services like shops and leisure, give to the expansion of a real exchange pole modified to every day shuttles.

The Casa-Port railway, expanding over a covered area of about 33,500 square meters, was planned to get above 20 million passengers each year and more than 5,000 vacationers at rush hours. It comprises of three buildings and these are passenger building, underground parking lot, and a building of ONCF offices situated in parallel to the platforms.

This mega-structure blends modernity and conventional architecture with apparatus and services meeting global standards of security and service quality.

As part of the similar project, the existing railway installations were refurbished and modified to finest function tallying the traffic progression, for a total cost of 100 million dirhams.

Mohamed Dekkak