King Mohammed VI commenced large-scale projects in Casablanca

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI commenced the large-scale port projects within the framework of the Wessal Casablanca-Port, which combines the economic and tourism impact of the economic capital.

King Mohammed VI commenced large-scale projects in Casablanca

King Mohammed VI commenced large-scale projects in Casablanca

The 4 billion dirham projects, which give for the construction of a new shipyard, the advancement of a fishing dock and the construction of a cruise terminal, will restructure and rehabilitate the port area of Casablanca.

This shipyard project, which will be carried out in two stages, provides for constructing a dry port with a capacity of 22 units every year, advancing refurbish docks, constructing a dry port (boat lift) of at least 5,000 T that can concurrently manage six vessels and create an overhead gantry crane of 450 t.

The fishing dock integrated project will develop safety and living and working conditions of the city’s fishermen, generate a better environment for marketing sea goods, systemize artisanal fisheries and develop related activities.

The project is set to get 160 artisanal fishing boats, 120 deep-sea trawlers and 70 sardine fishing boats, highlights the construction of a 665 ml-long main breakwater, a 500 ml-long secondary breakwater, a 7.6-ha platform and an 11.6 hectare wet harbor.

The project, which is part of the accomplishment of the Halieutis Plan, will be outfitted with an integrated infrastructure for fishery products endorsement and marketing, including a fish market (3,600 square meters) close to unloading areas, rooms for ship-owners, wholesalers and boaters, a center of standardized containers, ice-making sections, petroleum stations and stores.

The cruise ships terminal will support the tourism projects introduced in the Wessal Casablanca-Port, highlight the metropolis’ pleasant appearance in line with the tourism vision 2020, and convene rising demands by travel agencies for cruise ships tourism.

It will be neighboring with the Moulay Youssef port and will accept ships with sizes arriving at 350m in length and 45 in width and 9 meters deep. Two unloading ports are also featured for this service scheduled to have a capacity of 450,000 cruise ship customers.

The Wessal Casablanca-Port has been previously shown to the King in April 2014, comprises of projects set to merge this Moroccan metropolis’ assets as a tourism, cruising and resort destination and support the country’s economic, urban and demographic advancement.

Mohamed Dekkak