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Abu Dhabi El Emarat and Abu Dhabi Al Oula are the two TV channels re-launched by theKey TV channels re-launched in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Media (ADM). It will allow for diverse content and quality programs to be broadcasted to Arab viewers locally and across the region. The re-launched project was completed following the efforts that has been aired over a year and involved the development and enhancement of the company’s working processes. The first stage of the project included completing an update of the administrative structure and working policies including the restructuring of its departments to ensure maximum efficiency.
The company is working towards developing offerings which focus on providing enriched local content on Abu Dhabi Al Emarat as part of its public service mandate tailored to the interests of the local and regional audiences which allow transforming the offerings of the Abu Dhabi TV Network.
Viewers and audiences will experience the re-launch of the two channels on the 2nd of December 2013 with the new look and updated programming coinciding with the 42nd Foundation day of the UAE. Abu Dhabi Media emphasized that the re-launch project will include the netwrok’s flagship news programme Oloum Al Dar and its update of the news segments which will begin broadcasting from all-new studio with upgraded production capabilities focused on up-to-date and comprehensive local news coverage from across the seven emirates.
The Abu Dhabi Media and its broadcast partners such as Sky News Arabia, Sky News UK and twofour54 are in partnership to meet upgraded facilities and production capabilities, all of which have provided training opportunities for employees pertaining to using the latest television technologies and techniques.