More Job Openings and Salary Increase in 2014

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Companies in the United Arab Emirates is set to open more job opportunities as well asMore Job Openings and Salary Increase in 2014 country’s employees will receive salary increase in 2014, a recent report said.
Mercer, a Dubai based firm that provides comprehensive benefits administration solutions across the retirement, health care and voluntary benefits spectrum that address a variety of client needs and plan complexities predicted noted that 68 per cent said they intend to increase their payroll size, compared to 60 per cent in 2012
“Salary increase for UAE employees in 2014 will remain close to this year’s figure at around 5 per cent. It suggests an increase in long-term incentives in the region, with pay-outs that occur over a longer period of time and which emphasize sustained performance and employee retention,” Mercer’s report noted.
The labor market also appears to be more dynamic, with voluntary turnover exceeding last year’s figures, about 12 per cent of full-time employees.
“Overall, multinational organizations with operations in the UAE still perceive the country as a key growth region. This is exemplified by the fact that organizations intend to hire more staff over the coming year as well as the fact that voluntary turnover is higher than it used to be last year,” said Mercer’s Information Solutions leader for the Middle East.