JLEC aims to provide Morocco’s 50% Electricity Generation

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Jorf Lasfar Energy Company (JLEC) plans to integrate the national power grid for the generation unit of 350 MW of German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needselectricity.

For the design of the new units, JLEC proposed the services of the two consortiums, Mitsui & Co and Daewoo Engineering & Construction, which outsourced Buzzichelli and VTS.

The first private producer of power and electricity in Morocco is soon to put the sixth unit and its commercial operation is expected to be on the second quarter of 2014. Thus, with an additional 700 MW coming from the units 5 and 6, JLEC can produce a total capacity of the plant to 2,056.

For the extension of the construction phase, with total investment of 13 billion dirham, took more than 4,000 for direct jobs and 2,000 for indirect jobs. The operational phase mobilizes 135 direct jobs and 1,000 for indirect jobs.

Furthermore, this extension is in reference to the agreement between TAQA / JLEC and ONEE, the extension of the power plant will have its own treatment plant sewer costing $ 200 million of investment.

The project is financed by Japanese and Korean credit institutions for an equivalent of $1.4 billion and JLEC claim that it is the largest international finance over the last 10 years in Morocco.

This venture will distribute the 50% of electrical energy production to JLEC compared to its former 38%. The exploitation 6 units are supposed to produce a turnover of 9.5 billion dirham.

The development of the Jorf Lasfar power station goes together with the increase in capacity and modernization of the coal terminal as well as the new facilities for the protection of the environment.

Mohamed Dekkak