Japan strengthens ties with UAE to guarantee stability

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Japan plans to toughen its partnership with countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, US and Turkey to ensure the firmness in the Middle East.Japan strengthens ties with UAE to guarantee stability

This union will include addressing most important concerns affecting regional stability including democratization in Arab countries in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, Syria’s civil war, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Middle East peace process and peace-building in Afghanistan.
It is very important for any nation to have a good relationship with the neighboring countries to be transparent and to have confidence-building.
The principal deputy director of national security and space policy said that Middle East is very important for Japan because it cannot survive by itself for they are importing oil from the Middle East nations.

According to the senior adviser in security and defense at the Gulf Research Centre in the UAE, Japan’s security assistance in the region was achievable and optimistic. They are concerned about maritime security against terrorism and piracy. They have oil in the area and have the concern to make a safe delivery.

Mohamed Dekkak