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This year 2015, the Sovereign gave the commencement of numerous structural projects.

Last March he went on to unveil major port projects listed in the “Wessal Casablanca-Port” program that strengthens the economic and tourist impact of the metropolis of the Kingdom.

Mobilizing investments of 4 billion dirhams, these projects, which comprise of the construction of a new shipyard, the structure of a fishing port and the expansion of a cruise terminal, allow at term restructuring and rehabilitation of the port area of Casablanca. These three projects, project management is entrusted to the National Ports Agency, reflect the ongoing commitment of HM the King to provide the economic capital of modern infrastructure, international standards, able to give sustainable impetus to revival of the city and meet the legitimate aspirations of its people.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, proceeded in May, the launch of the anti-pollution system east coast, made for an overall investment of more than 1.45 billion dirhams. A robust environmental influence, this megaproject indicates the special attention of the Sovereign to the environment and sustainable development and its stable action for enhancing the living environment and the welfare of citizens and protection of their health.

The pollution of the coastline of East Grand Casablanca system, whose works were launched in 2011, is a major achievement in the process of urban development of Greater Casablanca, which now has a wastewater pollution control rate of 100%.

After the city is the capital of the Kingdom is about to change the face. Last May, His Majesty King Mohammed VI launched major road projects and urban development, that meet the mobility issues and displacement within and on the outskirts of the city of Rabat and participate in the improving the living conditions of local populations, for an estimated overall investment of nearly 1.5 billion dirhams. As part of the integrated program of development of the city of Rabat 2014-2018, called “light Rabat city, the cultural capital of Morocco”, these projects consist of the redevelopment of the urban ring road 1 highway linking Casablanca-Rabat that of Rabat-Fez, construction of urban ring road 2 connecting the city of Rabat Salé, burying four 60 KV power lines Zaer-Agdal and development Avenue Abderrahim Bouabid.

These sites, which show the will of His Majesty the King to provide the capital for new crossings and to strengthen its road connections, participate in the decongestion of the city, to improve road safety and people, besides the positive impact on the environment, particularly thanks to lower air pollution levels and the reduction of noise pollution. Not far from Rabat, Kenitra begins, too, its upgrade. Last April, His Majesty King Mohammed VI launched the strategic plan integrated and sustainable development of the province (2015-2020), with a budget of close to 8.4 billion dirhams. Based on an innovative approach in terms of transversality, integration and coherence of public interventions, structuring Plan aims to support the urban and demographic development of the province, strengthen its economic positioning, improve the living environment of its inhabitants and preserve its environment.

The plan also seeks recovery of achievements in the province, supporting the advanced regionalization policy, upgrading the rural world, the improvement of socio-cultural and sports facilities in the province, strengthening the viaire frame, promotion of human development indicators and the development of tourist attractiveness of the resorts, Mehdia and Moulay Bousselham, while ensuring the protection of the environment.

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