Investments in Laayoune under the microscope

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The Comités Regionaux de l’Environnement des Affaires (CREA) recently held a meeting to assess the investments received for Laayoune development, in the presence of economic operators, local decision makers, representatives the banking sector, trade chambers and professional federations.

Investments in Laayoune under the microscope

Investments in Laayoune under the microscope

During the session, having access to land was brought up as one of the essential conditions for supporting and developing investment in the region of Laayoune-Sakia El-Hamra, something that can be achieved through the combined efforts of all actors and stakeholders from government sectors, elected bodies, public and private actors and professionals, experts and researchers.

A report was presented on the results of Laayoune- Sakia El Hamra regional investment Centre since its inception in 2003 until the first half 2015, which confirmed a total of 419 projects, showing the ever growing drive of the region and promising more than ever to a much brighter future.

The distribution of these projects shows a predominance in the by sector for services which is 36.28%, followed by construction at 20.76%, tourism (17.90%), food industry (13, 13%), trade (5.01%) and Energy and mining (3.58%).

Investments made range from energy and mining (53.36 %), food industry (28.10%) and construction (13.18%), while for the returns in terms of jobs created, the trade sector (24.90%), industry food industry (21.90%), construction (20.35%), tourism (6.66%), energy and mining (4.35%) and tourism (3.79%).

The number of companies created during the same period amounted to 2,549, divided between legal entities (1,070) and individuals (1,479). These figures accounts to trade (1,175), services (786), agriculture and fisheries (344), construction (171), industry (42), the energy and mines (25) and tourism (6).

Mohamed Dekkak

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