Investment for Morocco’s Airport Infrastructure on the table

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The Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA) plans to invest a total of DH8 billion in 2020 primarily for the construction and development of a well balanced airport infrastructure and air navigation facilities.

Investment for Morocco’s Airport Infrastructure on the table

Investment for Morocco’s Airport Infrastructure on the table

The main projects of ONDA focus on the improvement of airport capacity, air navigation, quality and human capital development.

In the said investment, development projects for airport capacity accounts to DH 5.368 billion; DH724 million is allocated for airport operations; DH1.334 billion goes to air navigation and DH100 is dedicated to information systems. The rest will go to the development of Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation, the aero pole project, quality improvement and human capital development.

For the upcoming year, the institution plans to invest 2 billion dirham with the main objective of promoting the realization of the main programmed functions, including the doubling of the capacity in the first terminal of Mohammed V airport, the construction of Terminal 3 in Marrakech airport and installation of Control Centre in Agadir Area.

With the addition of a terminal in the airport of Marrakech, the airport will soon accommodate up to 9 million passengers per year. Furthermore, the construction of the new Area Control Centre in Agadir will distract the air traffic control service and increase the capacity of the Moroccan airspace in terms of overview and reducing the risk of disruption while ensuring continuity of service in case of cessation of activity due to unforeseen acts or potential natural disasters. The authority is also working on a project to develop the airfield of Guelmim and the airports of Zagora and Errachidia specifically to support the development of tourism in these regions.

ONDA increased by 8.5% in terms of turnover last 2014 which is brought about by good behavior of the various components in the activity of the structure.

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