International Renewable Energy Agency’s HQ is in UAE

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United Arab Emirates has formally confirms that the capital city will be the home for theInternational Renewable Energy Agency’s HQ will be in UAE green energy’s world office – International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
Last week, the agreement was approved that the permanent headquarters of IRENA will be located in Abu Dhabi.
The ratification is effective immediately and marks the confirmation of Abu Dhabi as home to the first global clean-energy body. It also gives the agency all the legal protections necessary for it to function as an international organization.
IRENA’s membership is extended to 120 countries and 40 nations are on the process of joining. The world’s green energy agency can now accept applications for the accreditation of permanent representatives from its member countries and permanent missions of member states in the capital.
“The ratification is a major step forward for the agency and proves, yet again, the UAE’s firm commitment to renewable energy”, says Irena’s director general. “It is another indicator of Abu Dhabi’s emergence as a key factor in global efforts to ensure a sustainable-energy future.”
Irena was the first major international body to be set up in decades and the first global intergovernmental organization based in the Middle East which formally established in 2011 after a two-year preparatory phase.
The establishment of permanent missions in Abu Dhabi will promote year-round collaboration between member states and the Irena secretariat on projects related to clean-energy policy and technology development.
Minister of State and chief executive of Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable-energy company said that “Irena mission’s agreement is unprecedented in the region and underscores the UAE Government’s commitment to a sound business and political environment for clean energy”.