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The Council on Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean (CARLAC) will launch its website to emphasize their purpose.

Induction of CARLAC website to underscore its intention

Induction of CARLAC website

CARLAC is a non-governmental and non-partisan organization instituted to reinforce relations between the Arab World and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The purpose of CARLAC is for the economic and socio-cultural collaboration between the countries of the Arab world, Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve a sustainable interest, made upon the accomplishment of mutual benefits for the societies of both regions.

During the initial council meeting, CARLAC confirmed that one of the responsibilities is to endorse and make possible businesses between the regions. To the farthest point, the Council also talked about the potential for establishing an Arab-Latin American Investment Bank or other organizations to help and fortify the investment and trade relations between the regions.

In particular, the sectors of agriculture and food security and travel and tourism were identified as main areas for mutual collaboration and benefit. CARLAC also plans for a conference on food security and agricultural development.

The Council looks ahead to help and boost strong regional student trade outline that will nurture a new generation of Arabs and Latin Americans who are prepared for an enduring innovation of a stronger partnership between the regions.

Mohamed Dekkak

Chief Finance Officer and Founding Member

Council on Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean

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