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The largest city of Kingdom of Morocco is now creating its own organization inAn Independent Policy Institute for City of Casablanca charge for research and advocacy or commonly known as think tank.
The Wilaya of Grand Casablanca revealed their “laboratory of ideas,” consisting of several members to produce studies and proposals concentrating in the area of governance and local politics.
Some officials said that the creation of Casablanca’s own think tank will help a wide range of local players to be more engaged in the dynamics of the region. The think tank will also ensure a more effective commitment to inclusive participation and collective mobilization.
Quoted by a city official on a national newspaper in Morocco, “The mission of this think tank is to provide thoughts and ideas to achieve a real integrated strategy for the development of Morocco’s economic capital” he said.
Casablanca’s think tank will consist of 8 groups covering specific themes. The presidents will lead and coordinate the work of all the groups, which will be harnessed to reflect, analyze and design ideas and tools to meet the different challenges and constraints of the metropolis.
The eight groups will be formed in different occupational realms to ensure plurality and. A report from the discussion held during the groups’ work, will be submitted to the Wali of the Grand Casablanca region, Khalid Safir, in March 2014.