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With a projected 445 million dhs aggregate annual investment, the National Office of Electricity and Drinking WaterInara program all set for second phase(ONEE) is getting ready to commence the second phase of Inara program which will set up of extra 10 million-energy efficient lamps (LBC).

The program’s primary goal is to lessen and manage the usage of electrical energy by replacing 15 million incandescent bulbs with AML in places where ONEE distributes electricity. This endeavor is to optimize and downsize electricity consumption for a higher growth rate and an imperative to increase demand.

Over 60% of power goes to the households. Thus, the rationalization of consumption among this group has proven to be a chief source for demand management, as home consumption verified a change of 10% on average. The office aims to reduce electricity consumption subjected to domestic lighting, especially during nigh time.
Looking back at the first phase of the program, it aimed to increase power demand of 180 MW during its peak for an annual gain of 243 million investment in fuel economy of 72, 530 tonne per year and annual CO2 reduction of 124,000 tonne.

Also, the 2nd phase is expecting to save an estimated 330 MW at peak with an annual outlay gain of 445 million dhs resulting in 132,975 tonne per year and 228,000 tonnes of annual reductions of CO2 emissions.

The lamps were chosen through a course of international competitive bidding and they should offer several advantages to the customer. They should have a power of 20W, proven lower than an incandescent bulb producing 100W, an energy that offers 80% savings for the same light level, a life span of 12,000 hours in conformity with national standards and international guidelines for environmental protection.
The first lamp will be delivered by ONEE in September 2014 and will be obtainable on its 230 branches, 914 points collection and external sales as well as distributors authorized by the Office.
Mohamed Dekkak