Ifrane City: Morocco’s green gem

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Located  at the heart of  Atlas mountains, the city of Ifrane is absolutely an oasis of freshness and greenery which is totally complete, surprising and rejuvenating. Ifrane exudes tidiness, order and modernization; it feels more like Switzerland relocated to the Middle Atlas.

Ifrane City: Morocco’s green gem

Ifrane City: Morocco’s green gem

The city was built in 1930s by the French people with the intention to re-establish an alpine-style resort. It features elegant red-roofed houses, blooming flower beds and lake inside the parks, all kept perfectly in order. Many major employers as well as the government are looking after some apartment compounds for the use of vacationing workers, and it is preferred destination for summer getaways. The winter season comes with snow and many people visit the place to ski.

Moving ahead up to the Atlas Mountains, visitors will be greeted with food booths along the road to sell fossils and remains of quartz. Advancing on the road leads to fields and farms which were once tended by the Romans.

The first instance of reaching Ifrane, the visitors are welcomed with a paramount  feeling of freshness. The city is characterized with its large avenues, parks, European-style. Many springs and lakes in this region are found sitting in the dense cedar forest. The sloped-roof chalets are surprisingly comparable of Switzerland. Several dormant volcanoes  are found in the countryside along the Azrou road to the south-east.

The Vittel spring and its waterfalls is undeniably a perfect walking destination. The river is an ideal trail  and then discovering  the forest of maples and poplars through which the spring runs. During summer, short journey or tour to the waterfalls are offered while riding a  horse.

The mausoleum of a marabout, a religious man from the 16th century, Sidi Abdesslam is found few kilometers along the Meknès road hidden in a  valley covered in cypress and olive trees. It is accentuated with blue zelliges mosaics and is used specifically for pilgrimage.

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