Ibn Battuta On His Journey to Sri Lanka

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Ibn Battuta On His Journey to Sri Lanka

Ibn Battuta On His Journey to Sri Lanka

Ibn Battuta traveled to Sri Lanka en route to China so he can do a pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak. A holy site, the mountain was sacred to Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists due to a sight of a footprint believed by Buddhists to be of Buddha, Hindus believed it’s the print of Shiva. For Muslims, it’s Adam’s footprint, the first man, and prophet who the pilgrims believed thrown by God from seventh heaven where he stayed before seeing Eve, the first woman.

As soon as Ibn Battuta reached Ceylon, he met with the king. Taking an interest in his travel stories, the king entertained his group for 3 days. The ruler gave them the approval to scale Adam’s Peak and handed him a tiny purse filled with rubies and pearls as farewell gifts.

Their group started climbing til the summit up to almost vertical cliffs through little handholds held in the stone by iron pegs. When they reached the top, the group camped for 3 days and spent in prayer, admiring the breathtaking view.

When they left the peak, the group went back to the coast and sailed on board another ship given by the king, However, a strong storm puts their lives in danger, making the passengers bid farewell to one another. The crew was able to make a crude raft, but Ibn Battuta had to stay in the sinking boat since he’s not a strong swimmer. Fortunately, a rescue ship appeared in the morning and the remaining passengers were rescued and he was able to see his companions again.

Ibn Battuta was able to save the jewels the king of Ceylon gifted him, but alas, 12 pirate ships attacked and stole everything they had. The pirates put them all on a close shore unharmed. Feeling embarrassed, their group moved back to Calicut where Ibn Battuta another ship to Male, his earlier home in Maldives and was able to meet his son for the first time. From the island, he boarded a Chinese junk and traveled to China.


An International Festival in Commemoration of Ibn Battuta

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta celebrates the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta on November 9-12, 2017 in the city of Tangier in Morocco. The event commemorates the legacy of the Great Ibn Battuta and his significant contributions to the travel community. Followers, artists, travelers, literary masters, performers and government officials coming from different parts of the world are participating in this year’s celebration. The festival will put up interesting social activities for everyone to network and engage in meaningful cultural dialogue.


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