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Ibn Battuta International Festival – An Overview of the Events of the Festival

Ibn Battuta festival the second edition is near! There are certain key factors of this international festival that makes it interesting and it must not be missed this year.

In the pre-modern times, Ibn Battuta has managed to earn a name for his extraordinary journeys. He was a great and extraordinary traveler from Morocco. The festival also serves as a memorial of the tradition and culture he has set for us.  The four-day event encompasses attractive activities for the visitors who are coming from different part of the world.  All the people who want to experience and meet people from diverse cultures must attend this event on November 9-12 2017.

Overview of the events of Ibn Battuta festival

Following is the list of interesting activities of this amazing festival, which plays a vital role in the promotion of Ibn Battuta legacy.

1.    Art Exhibition

If you are a traveler, you will always look for something new, something unique during your travel trips. It is the major reason for which the famous traveler’s journey is reflected in versatile and colorful street arts in the exhibition days. A person who loves to travel should not miss this opportunity of attending the festival as it depicts the travel history of Ibn Battuta beautifully on the walls, which takes you back in that pre-modern times.

2.    Carnival of Ibn Battuta

Among all unifying events around the world, Ibn Battuta festival is one of them for the reason that people from different parts of the world come to participate. They share the moments together happily and can make everlasting memories. As a matter of fact, this event is the expression of traditions which put in a nutshell music, dance, amazing costumes as well as performances.

3.    Travel Movies

One of the most important parts of the festival is travel movies, which appealingly inaugurate Ibn Battuta travel history. The written stuff can’t do the magic same as documentaries. So people find it more exciting. After watching the travel movies at the festival, the people learn about Ibn Battuta travel history in detail and also in an exciting way.

4.    Music Shows

Everyone loves music for sure, so the people love this part of Ibn Battuta festival as well. The singers from all over the world entertain the people attending the festival.

5.    Theatrical Plays and Travel Exhibitions

Theatrical plays along with travel exhibitions are necessary parts of this event. Both add to the cheerfulness to the festival. The students from various colleges and schools perform the amazing plays to tell the people about Ibn Battuta travel history in a brief manner.

The sponsors of the event want volunteers for perfect kind of celebrations and arrangements. Another purpose is to increase the understanding and tolerance among people from different parts of the world and Morocco. Therefore, the citizens of Morocco are ready for a warm hearted welcome to all the visitors of the event.


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