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Ibn Battuta Festival: World Peace Initiative

Ibn Battuta Festival: World Peace Initiative

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta who came from Morocco was a well-known Muslim scholar and a great globetrotter till date. Being a curious young man, his interests drew more towards traveling and discovering the new places. Hence, he is best known for his long trips and journeys. Battuta’s travels lasted for thirty long years. During his lifetime, he traveled almost the entirely recognized Islamic sphere.


Ibn Battuta Festival

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta was founded, primarily to promote the travel experiences of Ibn Battuta, also to publicize his noble and glorious contributions to the world. The second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta which carries out the theme for 2017, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace” will give a chance for people to see things from others perspective and an opportunity to engage and bond with different nationalities. It will take place on 9th to 12th of November of this year in Tangier city in Morocco.


Why Is Morocco Chosen for This Festival?

Morocco is chosen for the festival because it is the birth place of Ibn Battuta. Ibn Battuta, world’s greatest known traveler, was born in the city of Morocco ‘Tangier’. He was buried in the same city. By celebrating this festival, The Moroccan Association aims to publicize the culture, customs, and traditions of Morocco. Also, they aim to promote the Moroccan heritage.


What Ibn Battuta Gave the World

Ibn Battuta traveled the entire Islamic sphere which includes many major parts of the world. His travel expanded from the regions of Europe, Africa, India, China and the Middle East. He traveled for the thirty long years of his life, and all his traveling experiences and knowledge is shared with the world through a publication ‘Rihla.’ He discussed the different cultures of the world in Rihla which made people more aware of the cultures and traditions of the world. Rihla might not have been the most uplifting writings, but Ibn Battuta entrenched a new discipline, which would someday be considered and become a discipline of science of traveling.


Contribution to the field of Geography

He discovered many new places and routes and had discussed in Rihla about those paths which had proved helpful for the people working in the field of Geography. He discovered the Trans Saharan route and its importance. It is the best land route for the traveling of goods.

He also explored the Indian ocean and told the world that Indian ocean is a vast ocean that connects the large water bodies in the world.


How His Peace Teachings Will Be Displayed in The Event

Ibn Battuta festival is all about promoting the travel experiences of the great traveler Ibn Battuta. His teachings and legacies would be presented throughout the festival. The event is a unique kind of festival in which the travelers or explorers of present age would get to know about the experiences and knowledge of the travelers and explorers before them. Moreover, this event has a primary objective to promote the fabulous character, peace teachings and knowledge of Ibn Battuta in the entire globe. In short, through this festival, the Moroccan Association aims to promote the character of Ibn Battuta and wants to make the world aware of his legacy.


How Are Volunteers Contributing Towards This Event?

People are volunteering for this festival from almost every corner of the globe. The volunteers are inviting people from all over the world,  promoting the festival on their active profiles on social media networks hence dragging more traffic. Also, they are inviting more volunteers for the event via uploading videos on YouTube. They are promoting the event and inviting more volunteers so people can get a chance to get more knowledge about the world and to discover the world.


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