Ibn Battuta Festival – Perfect opportunity to explore Moroccan Culture

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Ibn Battuta Festival - Perfect opportunity to explore Moroccan Culture

Ibn Battuta Festival – Perfect opportunity to explore Moroccan Culture

Ibn Battuta is a well-known name in the world of Islamic civilization. He is one of the world’s greatest traveler who was born and bred in Morocco. Ibn Battuta is popular for not only for making voyages across the sub continent but is also known for respecting the cultures and traditions.

It is a huge thing for which Ibn Battuta deserves the rightful credit as this man honored all the civilizations that he came across. The festival of Ibn Battuta is scheduled to take place on November 9-12, 2017. It is the best chance for everyone to indulge in history and culture and enjoy a full-fledged entertainment.

Festival celebrates Moroccan culture and traditions

Some volunteers are taking part in the event. Their aim is to contribute in admiration of Moroccan Culture and help travelers from all over the world in learning what Ibn Battuta contributed towards the society.

Thousands of people will experience one of the top notch festivals with street art, theatrical plays and other events related to the life of Ibn Battuta. Lots of art works will be displayed to convey the message from different travelers of the world.

Learn From Ibn Battuta Festival in Morocco

Tangier is a popular city in Morocco as it is also the birthplace of Ibn Battuta. The city has countless to offer. It is rich in natural resources and is budding with root deep traditions and cultures.

By bringing the legendary character of Ibn Battuta in the limelight one more time, the visitors will learn about peace, tolerance, and sacrifice. All of the explorers have contributed their learning for the upcoming generations, and this event is the best time to revive all those memories. The exciting activities in the event are purposeful for the integration of different cultures and traveling all around the world.

Ibn Battuta’s legacy

The travels of Ibn Battuta hold great significance in the field of geography and travel literature.

The Moroccan has traveled all through the Asian sub-continent and explored the multiple civilizations back in depth. Ibn Battuta not only traveled to other lands but respected and deeply honored every culture and religion he came across.

His travels through documented storytelling teaches a lesson to promote cultural harmony by means of traveling. In this way, people from all across the globe can interact and increase mutual understanding.

Explore Morocco

Through the efforts of reliving the heritage and legacy of Ibn Battuta, it is intended that Morocco is a place that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. The country is developed enough and contains all the necessities to accommodate the hundreds of tourists.

People would be able to take inspiration from the life and travel experiences of Ibn Battuta. This celebration will not only be a way to celebrate Battuta but will also benefit the country; economic, social and political set up.

Therefore everyone must play their role to create the world a better place by being a part of this event in November 2017.


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