Ibn Battuta Festival: Connecting World Travelers

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Ibn Battuta Festival: Connecting World Travelers

Ibn Battuta Festival: Connecting World Travelers

This year, Tangier is going to host the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is going to organize the event and all the activities that are taking place. Preparations are now in order to promote the cultural and industry in the place. The organization was founded in June 2015, and it is dedicated to promoting Ibn Battuta.

Ibn Battuta is known for his world travels. He was one of the greatest travelers of all time and a decent scholar. He was from the medieval age, and it is stated that his origin was Morocco. As the event is mainly based on the world travelers, and its purpose is to strengthen the tourism industry and spread the Moroccan culture, therefore, the event is named after Ibn Battuta.

It is the second edition of this international event, and one of its major aims is also to promote the legacy of Ibn Battuta himself.


What will happen in the event?

On the first day of the event, which will be Thursday, 9th November, the opening ceremony will take place.

On the next day, the conferences, theater, and the movie are going to be presented to the people. The third day is dedicated to Carnival international and local universities.

One of the main events is the Ibn Battuta Carnival where you will see the school and college boys performing on folk music. They will participate in the joy and music and display performances that will promote the historical character of Ibn Battuta.

Secondly, the Music Show will capture the attention of the people. In it, the musicians from different countries take part and play their talent to impress the audience. They will entertain you along with presenting some iconic countries of famous travelers.

One of the notable things in the event will be the Art Exhibition. There, you can have the paintings that represent the journey of Ibn Battuta. Moreover, books and maps are also a part of this exhibition that is sure to take us back to the medieval ages.


Where to stay in Morocco?

If you plan to be a part of this event, you will have to go to Tangier, Morocco. As you will be a traveler, you will have to find a decent place to stay. Some amazing places are Hilton Garden Inn which is located at the City Center. It is a lavish hotel that offers you Free Wifi and Free Parking.

If you are looking for a more reasonable place where you can get to stay for the low price, you can opt for the Ibis Tangier City Center. It is the best value hotel in Tangier that also allows you to use wifi and parking without and additional charges. Another budget hotel can be Pension Dar Omar Khayam.


So, this is an overview of the event and what you can get there. Considering the reputation of the traveler, you can have high expectations from the event.


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