Hyperloop technology seeks to acquire regulatory approval

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Hyperloop technology seeks to acquire regulatory approval

Hyperloop technology seeks to acquire regulatory approval

The company’s CEO trying to utilize Hyperloop technology to UAE is anticipating the acquisition of regulatory approval for its advanced transport system by the final quarter of 2018.

Rob Lloyd, Hyperloop One’s chief executive stated at his address at the Middle East Rail conference in the city that the company is presently “learning what it’ll go for to produce the regulatory framework” needed.

He also hoped this might be transported and developed first within the UAE, and then in the future use this as a system blueprint anywhere in the world.

Today, as there are no rules to manage the operation of Hyperloop, Mr. Lloyd stated that his company must collaborate with the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, Dept. for Municipality Affairs & Transport (DMAT) of Abu Dhabi and also the Federal Transport Authority to acquire consent for its technology, that he claims might transport passengers from Dubai Intl. Airport to Abu Dhabi Intl Airport in just twelve minutes.

The target is to produce a playbook for regulatory approval & collaboration with some top experts from different parts of the globe to try and do that. The company believed it needs to be done within 2018 to be able to start constructing in 2019 and get into producing Hyperloop within the region by 2020-21.

The business entity founded by inventor Shervin Pishevar, the idea for Hyperloop One, created by Tesla Motors & SpaceX founder Elon Musk, is presently building a model design of the Hyperloop system in the northern Nevada’s desert in Las Vegas.

The conception, in which a magnetically levitated pod is driven through a near-vacuum tube at velocity of up to 1200 kilometers per hour, has still to be fully tested, & many scientists have suggested it faces engineering and fiscal setbacks that may make it unpractical.

Mr. Lloyd stated that the company had grown from 110 employees to 250 in just a year, and that he anticipates to make it twice to 500 by the end of 2017 and sees most of these jobs will be based in the United Arab Emirates.

He said that “probably dozens and dozens” of these jobs would be based in the UAE.

The company is in the stage of finalizing an entity so more news will come out soon. Gulf region has expressed interest in this concept, so major weight of development of resources for engineering, etc.  A lot of things needs to be done for this technology to materialize and significant things have transpired in the UAE.

RTA’s rail agency CEO, Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younus, stated the at the moment, field experts from each parties are talking on some key challenges, specifically with regards to the operation and safety –from a security system’s pov, and from human physiology.

RTA was also trying to adopt different technologies like technology of Lidar laser system  & utilization of 3-D printing to provide spare components. Younus is also looking at better and more effective utilization of drone technology.


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