Hydropower prequalification recommenced

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Morocco’s Office National de l’Electicite (ONE) has recommenced the prequalification process for the 350MW pumped power transfer station project (STEP) intended in Abdelmoumen, situated 70 kilometers northeast of Agadir in the Taroudant province.

Hydropower prequalification recommenced

Hydropower prequalification recommenced

Companies have until December 5 to propose prequalification submissions for the hydropower scheme.

This is the second time that ONE has commenced a prequalification process for the project, with three groups previously prequalified in late 2013. It is uncertain at this phase why the customer has made a decision the prequalification process.

The Abdelmoumen STEP will comprise of two reversible turbine pumps, each one with generating capacity of 175MW and a speed of 600rpm. The pumped power tank will have a drop of 540 meters, with a pump speed of 36 cubic meters a second.  

The scheme will strengthen the existing 460MW STEP at Afourer.

Mohamed Dekkak