Houses in Dubai soon to benefit from solar energy

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The policy which covers the installation of solar power connection in Dubai homes and businesses are in the finishing stages of development.

Houses in Dubai soon to benefit from solar energy

Houses in Dubai soon to benefit from solar energy

Dubai, which is known to be presently greatly reliant on gas-fired turbines aims to provide for more solar power as part of its strategy to branch out resources. As soon as the objective is achieved, it may result to considerable reduction in the cost of electricity for homes but it will be confirmed once the system is ready to use.

UAE gets profuse sunlight or solar radiation for the whole year and is increasingly being utilized for conversion into electricity. Solar power will provide for the city’s power demand while averting it from non-renewable energy sources.

Dubai envision to cut down the use of gas by 71 per cent, and mix its energy sources by relying 12 per cent on nuclear energy, 12 per cent on clean coal and five per cent on solar power in the coming 16 years. All of these aspirations are covered by the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

The CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) stated that the regulations pertaining to solar powered homes and commercial facilities are being finalized on the sideline of the launch of the Emirates Energy Award 2014-15. Furthermore, over 20 megawatts (MW) of electricity are already generated through two solar power installations connected to the main network.

In August, DEWA released a tender for the second phase of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park project with 1,000MW capacity intended to power 200,000 homes by 2030. in addition to the solar park, DEWA is said to build local demand for solar panels to be placed in the rooftop of houses and businesses for domestic energy needs.

Mohamed Dekkak