Helpful Influence of Social Media on Morocco’s Job-Market

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Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have become incomparable tools for Moroccans to enhance their marketing abilities. They also tender a favor to small business owners.

Helpful Influence of Social Media on Morocco’s Job-Market

Helpful Influence of Social Media on Morocco’s Job-Market

Many Moroccans corporations are enjoying the increased development potential and clients because of the social media. Moreover the conventional mediums like radio adverts, newspapers or television; social media has become a significant factor in enhancing the Moroccan job market.

Morocco has 7 million recorded users on Facebook. This makes it the third country in the Arab world with the highest percentage of users after and Saudi Arabia with 20 and 8.4 million correspondingly, according to the report on social media in the Arab world.

Beyond evaluating the extensive number of Moroccan Facebook users, study of Moroccans’ profiles has ascertained the average age of Moroccan users as 15-29 years. Despite of the fact that it is the young generation that has accepted social media the most, Morocco’s elderly people as well takes advantage of much of what social media has to provide.

Many of restaurants and other small businesses all over the country are grateful to Facebook pages, where customers or patrons have access the recent news and can leave feedback. Furthermore, Facebook pages allow business owners to promote special events. Before Facebook came to life, a lot of entrepreneurs would spend much-needed sources on leaflets that would be just thrown away as expected.

Not only have bistros or cafes profited from the realism of social media that each one has in one way or the other. Young generation particularly benefit from enhanced job opportunities through business-oriented social networking services, like LinkedIn. Furthermore, many Moroccans are becoming more and more familiar with the English dialect because of the social media and its worldwide nature, which gives numerous chances to pursue careers out of the country or merely learn the international dialect for their own advantage.

Social media in Morocco has given the youth a passage to converse with the world in ways that was not accessible to the past generations.

Mohamed Dekkak